Maps of DeKalb County

last updated March 8, 2003

These are maps of the county, some are located on this site, and others are at other sites.

Maps on B. Belton's Dekalb Zoning Site

These are maps of the county commission district boundaries. If you cannot clearly identify your location, call the Voter Registration office at 404-298-4020 to find out which districts you are in.

The commission district boundaries are drawn by the state legislature.

There are five local commissioners and two super district commissioners. The super districts are at-large seats, each representing half the county. Each voter in Dekalb is represented by two commissioners, a local commissioner and a super district commissioner.

Local_districts Super_districts

Here are maps of the DeKalb School Board County local districts and the at large districts .

There are two local historic districts in DeKalb County.

One is the Druid Hills Historic District.

druidhills Click the image for a larger map.
about 116k  

The other local Historic District is at Soapstone Ridge.

soapstoneridge Click the image for a larger map.
about 166k  

A map of the noise impact of PDK airport.

map Click the image for a larger map.
about 240k  

Maps on other websites.

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia has political, physical, and historic maps of Georgia counties.

The Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service has maps of the entire U.S. You can see DeKalb County and manipulate the maps to find your neighborhood. This is a very slow page.

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